Membership Benefits

  • Participation in the leading industry forum for promoting the growth of expandable tubular technology
  • Access to a network of industry experts in expandable technology through annual meetings, structured informal discussion, and member contact listings
  • Use of the member section of the website, which includes knowledge and  sharing materials generated from the meetings

Knowledge/ experience sharing and lessons learnt

  • Providing an industry focus for expandable tubular technology, both through workshops and a website
  • Attending the annual technical workshop/ meeting to catch up with the new technology applications and developments
  • Sharing of lessons learnt through case histories
  • Understanding of best practice/ industry ‘benchmarks’ through focused discussion with industry peers
  • Identifying and prioritising knowledge and technology gaps
  • Accessing via the website Member areas to ETF shared knowledge archive
  • Accelerating field applications of new technologies
  • Informal networking with other Members at workshops

Supply chain stimulation

  • Engagement with a broad range of innovative technology suppliers
  • Access to presentations of high quality, relevant ‘technology updates’ (which might include, for example, updates on technologies already applied/ ready in the marketplace, proposals for field trials, JIP proposals already progressed through an organisation such as ITF but requiring more participants, and completely new JIP proposals)
  • Identification of knowledge and technology gaps
  • Communication of operators’ prioritised technology needs and issues to contractors and suppliers
  • Increased number of high-quality technologies reaching market
  • Knowledge sharing, and understanding of lessons learnt by Member companies in their application of similar technologies


  • Dedicated website with public-access and Members-only areas
  • One facilitated workshop per year
  • Links to other sites of interest
  • Searchable shared knowledge archive
  • Workshop presentations
  • Increased complementarity and synergy with other engineering networks/ organisations